In ‘Smart Village’, Bob Bob’s family and other geniuses get along happily and harmoniously. Once they do a good deed, one ‘Carla’ fruit will be fructified. As long as a ‘Carla’ fruit is given to ‘Smart Tree’ – Einstem, themagic tree hole will be opened, Bob Bob and his friends can then go to different places for adventure. But one day,the naughty Kong Kong appears, who is not willing to do any good deed, but always try to occupy ‘Carla’ fruit…


Horoscope: Capricorn
Characteristics: Hardworking, Filial, Steady

HB and Bob Bob are good friends. He is helpful, but he has strange temper. He also focuses on protection and choice, and always over-stick to the principles.

Star Six

Horoscope: Pisces
Characteristics: Romantic, Good Observer

Star Six seems to be leisurely and uncompetitive, does not care much about everything, but actually, he is very curious.


Horoscope: Unknown
Characteristics: Caring, Helpful

Einstem is the God of Smart Village, always encourage others to live in the moment, live in time and be responsible.


Horoscope: Unknown
Characteristics: Optimistic, Solidaristic

Carla are solidaristic and always helping each other. They always cheer ‘Carla’, ‘Carla when they gather.


Horoscope: Cancer
Potato Skin: Loyal, Impatient
Potato Force: Slow-to-warm-up, Suspicious

Potato Skin is always foolhardy, love to explore others’ secrets but hide himself; Potato Force is follower, always believe hearsay.